When Appetite Overpowers Hunger

Having a good appetite for food is not a bad thing. But, when appetite overpowers your judgement for hunger, this is where obesity and other health problems such as diabetes and high blood will likely to kick in. Therefore, a good understanding about these factors in eating behavior is important.

So what is hunger and appetite?

Hunger is your need for food. As a normal human being, you usually eat three times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and when you skipped one major meal, your body tends to feel weak and your stomach starts to rumble. This is hunger, it is spontaneous and uncontrollable. One must never disregard on purpose this behavior for if you do, your health is in great danger. This may cause hypoglycemia, fatigue and in the long run, it may cause ulcer and other health complications.

Appetite is your CRAVING for food. As stated above, having a good appetite is not bad. Actually, a person who has a good appetite for food is more likely the one who gets his required nutrients for the day. It is a psychological desire to eat and is usually correlated between our mind and our sensory aspects such as smell, sight, emotions and social situations. But compared to hunger, appetite can be controlled and can be ignored. Learn to control your appetite and you can definitely be in good shape in no time!

– Don Subala


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  1. I agree there is a big difference between the two; when I got away from refined products, those every hour cravings dissipated:)

  2. I’ve found that leaving processed foods behind has trimmed back my cravings, but I agree with eddiesohn, some of it has to do with me being occupied. I also find that I’m often just thirst when I think I want a nibble. Sometimes I just get some water and see if that does the trick.

    • Indeed, drinking water can really make you feel full. You can make your stomachs full by eating or drinking zero calorie foods such as water and the likes. Cravings can be controlled and it only lasts for few minutes.

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