A good meal at Calauan, Laguna!

A good meal at Calauan, Laguna!.


“Get you grip on your li…

“Get your grip on your life and control it, ’cause no one can really feel your frustrations, sadness and pain…… but yourself.” -Ayron Alcantara

The Secret of the Pro: Reason behind CHEST-BACK Superset Program

It has been a week since my last post for I was too busy doing some designs for our upcoming merchandise here in Heavy Duty Philippines. wherein these items will be raffled and sold for our avid followers and readers.

Have you ever heard of a chestback superset program? Have you ever heard of the myth that these two major muscles should never be worked out together? Then you have just missed the perfect combination in bulking up! This superset program was used by Arnold Schwarzenegger to grow his upper body perfectly.

As I was browsing my feeds on facebook. I stumbled on this short article that the great old Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger told us.

“One of the most important reasons why a chestback superset program works so well is the fact that most chest exercise movements are pushing movements, while back exercises are pulling exercises. The chest muscles are resting during the lats exercise and the lats are resting during the chest movement. While each muscle is alternately resting and working, it stays fully flushed and pumped up.  When the chest and upper back are pumped simultaneously, there is an undescribable feeling of growth stimulation and massiveness. -Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger

I myself is a witness of this kind of superset, and I am telling you  right now that the feeling is really good! You can actually feel the pump and hype right away after doing the first two sets of your superset. You will not only develop a good upper body but also the endurance and strength in order to finish the workout program. I am recommending this for intermediate bodybuilders for the energy and strength demand of the program is high. With perfect diet, meal planning and supplementation, I am very sure that a change in your physique can be achieved in no time!

You may waste your time,y…

You may waste your time,you may waste your money…But never waste the time and money you’ve lost to sweat. – Ayron Alcantara

TOP 5: Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

Want to go to the gym but you’re afraid that big men out there might kid you? Conscious because you don’t know what you’re really going to do once you’re in? Or you’re not just that motivated to go and hit the gym alone?

Cast away those fears ’cause you’ve found yourself a haven because we’ll give you tips to help you get started for a beginner bodybuilder like you!



THE GYM. As a beginner, look for a gym that will suit you and your lifestyle. If you have the budget and time, you can always resort to a high class gym in your location, here in the Philippines, the top fitness centers are Fitness First and Gold’s gym (taking note that these gyms are in chronological order). If you don’t have the cash, there are plenty of small fitness centers out there that would fit your income and will help you get in shape. Typically, a gym that is well maintain and complete has the following amenities,

1.) Locker

2.) Shower room

3.) Side by Side mirrors

4.) Plenty of Plates and Bars

5.) Contains the basic machines and benches.

Also, there are certain gyms that offer student rates or senior discounts, this will help you save extra money for other stuffs or you can use the extra money for your supplements.

In addition, prepare yourself for the people that you are going to be with as the gym contains different types of people, from the goodies, the Mr. Know-it-all to the Mr. Flex. Just relax and be yourself, chat and be friends with them, it’ll definitely help you in your improvement.


BE MOTIVATED. This is an important factor in starting out to build your body. You have to be motivated to at least go to the gym three times a week. I remember motivating myself to go hit the gym because I already paid my membership and monthly dues. But you can always resort to other stuffs that would help be in the state. You can watch exercise DVDs or you can read magazines, articles, surf the net, choose an idol, or you can just think of your crush!

Remember! There are people who are known to be hardgainers (ectomorphs) and there are people who can easily produce muscles fast (endomorphs) and there are also people who are born to be huge and fat (mesomorphs). You have to know what you are to avoid depression if you’re already in the state of plateau. Plateau is a state where you don’t progress anymore, be it gaining muscles or losing weight. If you know your genes, then you will definitely be more motivated to look for alternative stuffs that might help you boost your progress.


GETTING FIT. As a beginner, I recommend using free weights as this will help you and your body to adjust in a tremendous activity like this. In addition this will help your body gain strength fast. Do your research about what are the different kinds of exercises and what are the different kinds of training programs that would help you achieve your goals. As you do these, determine the exercises that works for your body and what doesn’t work. These will help you save energy and will give you a boost in your gains.

Also, as a beginner, NEVER lift heavy weights right away, you may injure yourself. Your time will come to lift those 100lbs barbell bench presses, or even more! STRETCH and do WARM-UPS! Start slow but sure, making each rep intensified as possible.

REMEMBER: You are a bodybuilder who sculpts your body to its greatest shape and NOT a weightlifter who needs to LIFT super heavy weights.


BUDDY SYSTEM. Having a training partner works very well especially in a beginner like you. Your partner and you as well will help in each others progress by spotting to lift heavier weights. Having a buddy in your training will help you get through with the plateau. So pick a perfect and fit training partner that will motivate you and be with you all throughout your training.


MEALS AND SUPPLEMENTS. You will never progress without this. Your diet is a crucial factor in the development of your body, may it be for muscle building or losing weight. Make sure that you eat the right foods in accordance with the program you are doing. A high protein low carb diet is normally used in training programs but you can always have your research that will work on you. It is also pinned that you should reduce sugar, salt and unhealthy fats (trans fats) and you should INCREASE water intake as you need to re-hydrate your body after workout.

Chicken breasts and eggs are good source of protein.

Fish like salmon are good source of omega-3

Nuts, almonds, and olive oils are good source of monounsaturated fats.

Brown rice is a good source of carbohydrate

As with the supplements, there are various brands out there and some of which with a good reputation are Muscletech, Optimum Nutrition, Twinlab, and EAS etc. Do your research and find one that will work best on you .

But do not just rely on brands, read labels! This will help you decide which one is good with the other. You can check these labels for free on its brand’s website.

Lastly, SLEEP. Have yourself a complete 8 hour of sleep per day to ensure maximum muscle growth and will give you fresh energy for your next training.

REMEMBER: You do not grow inside the gym, you grow while you sleep. So don’t get yourself 24/7 in the gym! It won’t do any good to you. REST if you must but NEVER QUIT!

Start now and change your life, forever.


 Don Subala



Hardship is a part of lif…

Hardship is a part of life and nothing is more rewarding than to get the things you want through it – Ayron Alcantara

TOP 10 Easy to Follow Weight-Loss Tips

We all know that getting in shape takes some patience and hard work. And for some people especially those people who are born to be mesomorphs, this is not enough for them to lose-weight. Sometimes, sweating it all out in the treadmill or by jogging or even by lifting heavy weights in the gym is not enough to help you achieve that perfect body you’ve always dreamed of, therefore, one must need to adjust his or her lifestyle in order to obtain a perfect lean body that girls and men are craving for.

We picked the tips that everyone can follow to help you change your lifestyle and guide you to get fit, fast!


SET GOALS. This one crucial because you need to monitor your weight and will keep you motivated throughout the process. But set goals in a realistic way as failures to achieve a goal will lead to depression and most probably will end up to your plates. It is advisable to have at least a weight reduction of half a pound to two pounds per week.


KEEP TRACK. It is important to keep track of your weight because it will keep you motivated to challenge yourself, thus pushing yourself to its limit to double up your progress.


MOTIVATE YOURSELF. As you trim down your weight, your body leads to a plateau where your progress starts to slow down and this is where depression comes in. When a person on diet notices that he or she doesn’t lose any pound of weight anymore, he tends to stop his diet and go over again with his old lifestyle. Prevent this by watching bodybuilding training movies, or by posting a picture of a model who has your dream body. Or, you may hang your big old pants in the kitchen or anywhere in the house where it will remind you of your past.


AVOID HUNGER Never let your stomach to rumble. Never do a crash diet as this will lead you to some serious health problems, most probably ulcer. Eat 5-6 small meals per day to keep you full and satisfied throughout the day. Eat foods that are high in protein and fiber. They are your bestfriends.


EXERCISEMove your body! This will accelerate your progress in your journey to your perfect body. It will tone down your body and will give you lean muscles. Always remember that diet comes hand in hand with exercise. A simple 30-minute jogging three times a week will do.


AFTER 8 IS TOO LATE! As we sleep, our body tends to slow down our metabolism, thus, if we were able to eat loads of food during dinner and midnight snacks, this will be stored as fat. Believe me, they are hard to remove once they are in. It is necessary to control your food during dinner especially carbohydrates, they are easily stored as fats. Always remember this, Eat Breakfast like a King and Sleep like a Pauper at night. 


HYDRATE YOUR BODY. Drinking 2 glasses of water before eating your meals will greatly help in your satiety. This will help in making you to feel full easier.


DINE OUT BUT NOT TO PIG OUT. We cannot deny the fact that eating outside will ruin our most precious diets. But if you have control over your hunger and appetite. You will enjoy ever food outside at the right time and at the right moment.


SLEEP. Study shows that people who are deprived from sleeping tends to eat more. Thus, certain hormones are increased that affects these people’s satiety over the day.


REWARDS. Give yourself a break over a week long of tight diet. Besides, a piece or two of your favorite cookie will not greatly affect your diet. But, don’t forget not to PIG OUT!



Start Now! You will never get your perfect body by just reading this article. Start now and forget about stating tomorrow. If you’ll always say that you’ll start tomorrow, that tomorrow will never come. So what are you waiting for? Go out and move our body!

A good one to read about. Know what fish oil and dietary supplements can do to you and your health,

Four Easy Diet Tips to Perfect Flat-Belly

One of the qualities we want in a perfect body is having a flat belly or one that has a rock hard solid abs! But admit it, having this quality is very hard especially for those people who have a tongue for sweets. We cannot deny the fact that chocolates are one of the best sins the world can offer in terms of giving us bloated stomachs and fat bellies. But one should never cut-off his favorite sin. If we learn to control our cravings and learn to follow healthy diet. We can enjoy every food that is served in front of us.

Try to eat as close as to zero grams of sugar per day. All of us have a tongue for sweets, but if we control our diet and sugar intake, we can achieve that flat belly we want. Besides, there are now commercially available organic sweeteners  (e.g Coco Sugar) where it will keep our insulin levels low and will keep your glucagon levels high. These two hormones work together in your success to a flat belly. Glucagon is present when insulin levels are low to help the body utilize stored fats in body body which in particular to be around your belly.

Eat snack during the so called “magic” hour. Try to eat snacks between 3:00PM to 4:00PM as this will balance your body’s blood sugar level between lunch and dinner. Foods to eat are suggested to be high in protein and fiber. Make sure that it contains low to none sugar. Protein bars and almonds that are also rich in healthy fats are one of the best options you can have. In addition, having snacks will keep you satisfied and full. Moreover, it will keep you away from your cravings and will keep your body in anabolic state which  favorable to young bodybuilders who are eager in promoting their muscles fast.

Monounsaturated fats (MuFas) are your bestfriend. Incorporating MuFas in every meal and snacks will help your body to reduce fats especially  around your belly. This is also a great way to control satiety and will keep you full within the day. Foods that are rich in Monounsaturated fats(MuFas) are dark chocolate, nuts, avocado, olives, soybean, olive oils and sunflower oils.

Learn to set Calorie intake. This is crucial especially if you are trying to lose weight.  There are plenty of articles around the internet that will help you determine the perfect calorie intake per day for yourself. Learn this and follow it strictly. Never try to crash diet, it will lead you to some serious health problems especially ulcer.

– Don Subala